Virgin Dance

Virgin Dance or Sangyang dance is one of the sacred dance in Bali. Sangyang dance usually perform in certain holy ceremony. To date, Sangyang dance are not performed by simply as a look oning. Sangyang Dance represent the dance that possessed by a spirit ( trance) because soul entrance ( houri of the heaven, other animal and having the power of damage like forest pig, monkey, or having other occult strength).

Sangyang Dance is a cultural heritage from Pre-Hindu intended as danger repellent, that is by opening communications spiritual from society citizen and occult nature. This dance is brought by girl dancer and also man with the accompaniment of choir of man and woman which sing worship song. In Sukawati-Gianyar area, this dance is also accompanied by Gamelan Palegongan.

The Sanghyang dance is included in trance dance genre. This dance is believed to have the power to invite the gods or sacred spirits to enter the body of the dancers and put them in a state of trance. It dates back to the ancient Pre-Hindu culture, a time when the Balinese people strongly believed that by the help of Holy Spirit through a medium of dancer sickness and disease could be eliminated. The is dance is usually performed in the fifth or sixth month of the Balinese traditional calendar as it is believe that during these particular months, the Balinese are vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses, or in the time of plague, failed crops or disaster.

There are 6 kinds of sanghyang dance widely known by the people: Sangyang Dedari, Sanghyang Deling, Sanghyang Jaran, Sanghyang Bojog, Sanghyang Celeng and Sanghyang Grobogan.

Sanghyang Dedari is a sacred dance which can be found Badung, Gianyar and Bangli regency. This sacred dance is used to ward the pestilence or plague which swept Bali when the fanged demon living on the little island of Nusa Penida comes to Bali. Two dancers are chosen from all the girls of the village for their psychic aptitudes by the temple priest, to receive the spirit of heavenly nymphs, Dedari Supraba and Tunjung Biru (Blue Lotus). At the death temple, the Sanghyang Dedari dancers in white skirts kneel before a brazier of smoking incense in front of the altar.

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