Kawazaki KLX is a capable off-road performer and a reliable, fun road bike. The Kawasaki KLX heritage making it an awesome on or off road machine. Whether you are tearing it up on the weekends in Bali with your mates or hauling to work and back through the week, enjoy the best of of motorcycle rental in Kuta, Bali.

Giant engines and a heap of gadgetry are not necessary to have a great time on two wheels.  On the paved road the KLX is a well mannered and easy to ride motorcycle that can easily keep pace with traffic on the open road in Bali.  When the seal road ends and the off-road country begins the light and nimble KLX torque liquid cooled engine and adjustable suspension help you tackle all of the trails.  All that capability is also paired with outstanding efficiency, making the KLX a superbly practical motorbike for rent.

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Kawazaki KLX

Price : US$ 20 /day



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